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The benefits of employing a Professional Accountant, Financial Advisor, Lawyer or Electrician

When you want something done then you have three options

  1. DIY
  2. Cowboy
  3. Professional

So which will you pick?


DIY takes dedication and time to learn that skill and the pitfalls.  It may initially be cheaper, but will it need fixing in the future, is it going to all fall apart.  Does it matter? Or is it going to cause problems.

  • A Will incorrectly signed was worthless and caused family infighting
  • How wonky does that shelf need to be before it has similar consequences?

There are a few things the government will not let us do DIY without being qualified or getting professional advice such as bathroom electrics, investing in pensions or taking a mortgage.

Cowboy is not usually an intentional choice, it could be a relative, or a scam.  This option may appear cheaper or easier but is often much more expensive in the long run – so check them out before they run away with your money, without doing a good job or in some cases no job at all!

HMRC are particularly warning at the moment of the tax refund scam i.e. those who profess to collect tax refunds on your behalf as unfortunately the legislation does not grant you the power to cancel that instruction so they can collect your refunds for ever and may never give you a penny!  If in doubt talk to us or HMRC.

And don’t be caught by the forms scam – where they charge you a fee for a link to a free form, which of itself is actually legal;  the illegal bit is collecting the data you fill in on the form because the link was via their site!

Also during lockdown a very old scam has returned – sending you a bill for something you never ordered and are unlikely to get, such as an advert, in the hopes that you will just pay it! – no job or service at all!

Professional is by far the best option.  They have done the training, so should have the knowledge of experience.  They are often regulated so you are assured of good professional conduct.  You need to check they are appropriately experienced or qualified and then they should save you money and give you peace of mind.

They should be able to get the job done quicker and know the tricks, to make things easier and save you having to do remedial works later.

Sometimes they even have resources not available to you as an individual e.g. access to different or more appropriate lenders.

Their actions are likely to be insured or guaranteed too, in the unlikely event something does go wrong e.g. falling through the roof.

Professionals offer that assurance not only to you but others such as insurance companies or the courts e.g. Vehicle MOT

And to top it all if you are going to try some DIY then who better to learn from than the professional – whether that be brick laying or bookkeeping.

If we can help you or someone you know with a professional accounting service, then do contact us.

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