Thinking of starting up on your own?

Small businesses often struggle as a result of not seeking financial guidance and tax planning in the early stages of setting up their business. We recommend meeting early on to discuss whether you are ready to go it alone, the best way to structure your business and the process of company registration. If outside funding is required, we can help you to write a formal business plan.

Once set up, we can show you how to keep accurate financial records and file tax returns online.

It is never too early to engage the services of a trusted advisor who you can turn to for expert advice concerning money matters. Call to set up a free initial consultation.

Already in business but need an accountant or just some advice?
Once your business is registered, HMRC will write to ask you to submit tax returns. We can either help you to complete your business accounts and tax returns yourself or prepare them on your behalf. We can also show you how to set up record keeping systems that meet HMRC legal and tax obligations.

  • If you are a Limited Company, your accounts will need to be prepared and submitted in the prescribed HMRC format and a copy filed on public record at Companies House.
  • When you apply for a mortgage, lenders often require three years’ accounts to be signed and certified by your accountant.

We have been serving the needs of small businesses for over 30 years, so whatever your situation, we will do our best to help.

Want to change accountants?
Your accountant is the person you turn to when faced with tough financial decisions. The relationship should be built on trust and a shared vision for your business.

If things are not going well with your accountant, please contact us to arrange a confidential meeting to talk about how we can help you and the best time to make a change.

  • How comfortable do you feel asking questions?
  • Is their advice helpful and easy to understand?
  • Are they responsive when you contact them?
  • Are they knowledgeable about your line of business?

Note: Changing over is straightforward for year-end accounts or tax returns but where bookkeeping and payroll are involved, it is easier to change at the year end.

Reviewing your business and its status?
It is good practice to periodically review your business status for tax efficiency. We can advise you of any legislative of fiscal changes that directly impact your business and recommend the best way to deal with them.

Just want a helping hand and some good advice?
Whether it’s a one-off problem or a regularly occurring issue, you can always turn to us for professional guidance.

  • new legislation that affects your business
  • unexpected enquiry from HMRC
  • temporary need to outsource tasks
  • unusual business requests

Whatever the situation, you can pick up the phone or email us for advice. We are here to suggest practical solutions to help you keep your business on track.

Received a tax return and want to know what to do now?
When you start up a business, you must notify HMRC of your new source of taxable income. They will write to you at the relevant time to request your annual tax return.

A tax return should include all of your (or company’s or partnership’s) taxable income, not just that of the business.

You only need to complete a tax return if you’ve been sent one, so make sure that HMRC has your correct address, as there are penalties for failing to complete a return, even if you never received it.

Please get in touch if you would like help or advice preparing your tax returns.

Free Initial Consultation – Friendly Welcome